Rent your RV safely and easily

Earn up to $15,000/year

Get your RV’s wheels turning a profit – it’s free!

Register with Setaway and in just a few minutes you could be well on your way to turning your RV that’s just sitting there into some serious cash. You could earn up to $1500 every month renting out your RV to friends, neighbours or other responsible travellers. There is no charge to list your RV – we make money when you make money.

Don’t let your RV become a ‘rusty vehicle’

The vast majority of RVs spend more time in the garage or storage than on the road – that’s time you could be capitalising on! Don’t leave yours sitting in a heap, with Setaway you can rent it out for heap. With the extra money coming in, you could even decide to upgrade your RV. What’s more, you’re helping folks who might not otherwise have a chance to experience this magical lifestyle. It’s a win/win.

Recoup the costs of ownership, then some

Setaway lets you make your considerable outlay pay its way. By renting it out with Setaway you’re effectively offsetting the cost of ownership. You earn 60% of your RV’s listed price, so there’s great rental income to be made. Plus, it’s paid direct into your bank account each and every month that you’re renting out your vehicle. Easy.

Risk-free renting means you’re covered

With Setaway RV owners have access to a tailored insurance package with a leading RV insurer. This policy covers against loss or damage and provides legal liability cover for you. It all adds up to a worry free experience for you.

We screen the driver before they hire

The safety of your RV and the safety of occupants is a big part of Setaway. In fact it’s our #1 priority. We check every driver before they hire to ensure they hold a safe driving record. We won’t let anyone with a poor driving history or an unconfirmed identity rent your RV. It’s as simple as that. After all, it’s your RV!

You’re always at the wheel of the deal

You always have a say of who rents your RV. You only say “Yes” to a booking when you’re 100% confident. You’ll maintain full control over who rents your RV on a case-by-case basis, with ratings and recommendations of renters available on the site and a chance to review each request. Plus, our customer service team is there to help steer you in the right direction.

You say how much and when

The best part about Setaway is that you decide what your RV is worth to rent and when it’s available. You know your RV best so you have the power to choose as much or as little as you like – our customer service team are here if you’d like a guide. Plus, you choose your RV’s availability for daily, weekly, and monthly trips so you have the freedom to approve only the rental requests that work best for you.

Have questions about getting set with Setaway?

Setaway is a new way to rent or rent out an RV so you may have some questions. We can help. Our Customer Service team is here to answer any queries you have. We can even help you set up your listing and get on the road to success as a Setaway RV owner!

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Earn up to $15,000/year